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Norwegian Women's Public Health Association

The Norwegian Women's Public Health Association is Norway's largest women's organization, our purpose is to contribute to a safe and inclusive society through the voluntary activities of our members.

The Norwegian Women's Public Health Association is an example of women's solidarity in practice. We stand together to improve women's living conditions – locally, nationally, and internationally.

Today N.K.S. is continuing the proud heritage and efforts of our foremothers, as an organization committed to serving others. Throughout its history, the Norwegian Women's Public Health Association has always asked – who needs us most? This has made N.K.S. an organization that sees the needs of its time and directs its voluntary efforts where the need is greatest.

N.K.S. sees women's living conditions as a multifaceted concept – therefore our commitment covers a wide range of issues. We are equally committed to contributing to research on women's health as to working on behalf of women who have been exposed to violence and minority women and more generally, to improving women's rights in society. We work for women in all stages of life.

Our focus on women's living conditions is both direct and indirect because we know that women's quality of life does not only depend on their own situation, but also on that of their immediate family. N.K.S. has programs that provide positive experiences for children living in difficult circumstances over time, and we can provide care in connection with search and rescue situations, disasters and accidents. We are also a non-profit service provider in the Norwegian healthcare and social work sectors. In addition to national efforts, N.K.S. also carries out development work abroad through its establishment and development of the Women's Health Association of Ethiopia.

N.K.S. is a significant contributor to society. We are active in central forums, in collaboration projects and events, as well as serving as a consultative body for public authorities.
About us

  • Approximately 43 000 members spread over 550 local chapters form the backbone of N.K.S.
  • N.K.S. is nationwide and democratically structured, with strong roots in local communities.
  • The organization is run according to democratic principles through elected bodies. The National Board is the organization's highest executive authority between the national conventions.
  • Through their elected representatives on the local, county and national levels, the members decide how the organization should work and evolve.
  • The Norwegian Women's Public Health Association is non-religious and politically independent.